Call for Abstracts

The International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) in partnership with the Department of Health, Government of the Republic of South Africa is hosting the Second World Breastfeeding Conference with the theme “Breastfeeding: Let us invest in creating an enabling environment for mothers and babies”. The Conference, scheduled to take place on 11th - 14th December 2016, in Johannesburg - South Africa, aims to bring together varied maternal, infant and young child nutrition (MIYCN) practioneers and stakeholders to share information and experiences, review progress as well as generate ideas for further resource mobilization and/or strengthening of interventions.

The Conference Organizing Committee invites conference participants to submit abstracts for presentations in the conference. The abstracts submitted should be based on findings from research or project implementations addressing the following conference sub-themes and thematic areas:


Thematic areas

1. Investing in optimal MIYCN to impact the present and the future


Ensuring effective integrated planning, service delivery and resource mobilization for  attainment of optimal MIYCN in the context of the sustainable development goals

Strengthening evidence through MIYCN research and program monitoring

Strengthening health and nutrition cares systems at national and community level

Capacity building, advocacy as well as  information, education and communication for MIYCN

2. Mother, family and community support


Community systems, models and interventions to support breastfeeding

Mobilizing community, family, peer and father support for optimal MIYCN and early child care development

Culture, food beliefs and practices: Friend or Foe of the breastfeeding agenda

3. Women and infant’s rights to nutrition and the environment


Promoting the right to food and nutrition for improved and sustainable MIYCN in different contexts

Ensuring women and child rights to food and nutrition  in formal and non-formal work environments

Support and implementation of the international code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes as well as other MIYCN legislative and policy frameworks:  Status, challenges and way forward

Abstract format

The abstract should be in English and not exceed 300 words excluding title, authors’ names, affiliations, and references. It should be typed, formatted in single space, 12 point Arial font, left-justified, 1-inch margin. No tables, charts, or graphs should be included in the abstract. The content of the text should be written in complete sentences without abbreviations.

Abstract structure

The abstract should be organized to in the following headings:

  • Title; Authors’ Names and their Affiliations
  • Background; Aim and objectives; Methodology; Results; Discussion; Conclusion; References
  • Name and e-mail of the primary presenter


Abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the Conference comprising of a panel of experts and selected on the basis of merit for oral or poster presentation. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance for oral or poster presentation using the following criteria:
Relevance and validity to conference sub-themes and thematic areas

  • Originality and innovation
  • Organization and clarity
  • Clarity and Conciseness
  • Availability of time and space


  • Complete the online submission format by submitting the presenters email contact information and abstract at https://form.2ndWBC /2016AbstractSubmission
  • Prior to beginning the submission process, the presenter will be prompted to create a Log in Identity and Password. These should be kept till the close of the submission process to enable the presenter to log-in and make changes if required, before the closing date for submission
  • Only abstracts submitted on-line shall be accepted. Abstracts submitted via email or by fax WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • During submission, the authors should indicate the preferred mode of presentation that is either oral or poster presentation. Kindly note that in spite of preferred mode of presentation, the final decision on the presentation mode will made by the Scientific Committee of the Conference
  • Incomplete submissions shall not be processed
  • Upon timely and successful submission of a completed abstract, an email confirmation will be received
  • There are no restrictions on the number of abstracts submitted
  • Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 August 2016. Late submissions will not be entertained
  • The presenter of selected abstracts will be notified on the status of the submitted abstract (acceptance - rejection) and its presentation type via email by 15th October 2016
    Every accepted abstract, has to be matched with at least one registration for the conference. Abstracts for which there are no corresponding registration will not be included in the final programme